'Congratulations' in black script, surrounded by multi-coloured confetti

We have some staff achievements to celebrate! We already know we have a fabulous team, but it's always good to be reminded of their amazing individual achievements.

Flynn O'Meara, Chartered Accountants at Ean Brown Partners Limited 

Flynn O'Meara - qualified as CA

At the end of last month (auspiciously the end of the financial year) Flynn O'Meara officially became a fully-fledged Chartered Accountant, and was welcomed as a full member of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ).

His years of juggling full-time work and study are now over, which hopefully means he has a bit more free time up his sleeve for R&R on the weekends!

He is now entitled to use the letters 'CA' after his name, so a brand new set of EBP business cards were delivered to him shortly after.

Congratulations Flynn, great job!

Sally Adams, Chartered Accountants at Ean Brown Partners Limited 

Sally Adams - 20 year anniversary

This Sunday marks 20 years since Sally Adams started work with the firm, back when it was still PricewaterhouseCoopers. She was here to witness the formation of Gilmore Brown Limited, and the subsequent rebrand to Ean Brown Partners Limited.

She finished her studies towards becoming a Chartered Accountant whilst working full-time at the company, and over the years she has become a wealth of knowledge in her industry, as well as a respected and valued member of our EBP team.

We acknowledge our staff's 20-years-of-service milestones by having a celebratory presentation and morning tea, as well as flowers and a gift for the recipient.

Congratulations Sally, we're all looking forward to your next 20 years!

Photo collage of Sally Adams's celebration of 20 years of service to Ean Brown Partners Limited

More anniversaries:

And because we have so many dedicated and loyal staff members, it turns out we have a couple more anniversaries to acknowledge:

Pam Brown, Accounting Technician at Ean Brown Partners Limited 

Pam Brown - 14 year anniversary

This Sunday also marks Pam's 14 year anniversary of working for us in our Dargaville office.

Valeria Maw, Chartered Accountants at Ean Brown Partners Limited 

Valeria Maw - 3 year anniversary

Three years ago today Valeria started her first day with us, also based in our Dargaville office.