Claas harvester in field: how to distinguish allowances and benefits to farm workers

Farm employees are often paid allowances or receive benefits from their employer as part of their employment agreement.

Some of these allowances will be tax-free in the hands of the employee. Others will need to be taken into account when calculating their wages and corresponding PAYE deductions, as the value of the benefit is deemed to be part of their gross income. Others may be caught under the Fringe Benefit rules.

It is important to be able to distinguish the different types of allowances and benefits so that the correct accounting and tax treatment is made.

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Our June "hot desking" date at The Orchard

The Orchard's open-plan shared office space, overlaid with Ean Brown Partner's June hot desking date

Small home office - home office expense claims - which method is best for you?
"Home office expense claims - which method is best for you?" - EBP blog

Did you know about the new simplified option for calculating your home office tax deductions?

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Home office expense claims - which method is best for you?

Woman working from home office: home office expense claims - which method is best for you?

If you have a home office or use an area in your home for work purposes, you now have two options for calculating the amount you can claim as a tax deduction:

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Beef+Lamb NZ Farm Safety System workshops in Northland

Farmer on quad bike: Beef+Lamb NZ presenting free Farm Safety Management workshops in Northland

Beef + Lamb New Zealand have developed a Safety Management System for farmers, which they are presenting throughout the country in a series of one-day workshops.

On Thursday 31 May 2018 they are presenting a workshop in Tangiteroria, and on Friday 1 June 2018 they will be at Whananaki North.

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MyACC for Business - why you should check your ACC levy invoice

ACC logo with arrow cursor icon overlaid: MyACC for Business - why you should check your ACC levy invoices

ACC has recently replaced ACC Online with MyACC for Business, with the aim of providing new and improved online services to their business customers.

Like the introduction of any new computer system there are the usual glitches and stumbling blocks, and ACC are occasionally relaying incorrect information to customers who contact their call centres.

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Our May "hot desking" date at The Orchard

The Orchard's open-plan shared office space, overlaid with Ean Brown Partner's May hot desking date

Desktop, laptop, tablet - how using technology and digital tools can help businesses of every size improve productivity
"How small businesses can use tech to be more productive" -

Are you leveraging technology to work smarter, not harder?

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2018 herd scheme values have been released by Inland Revenue

Group of brown and white cows with green grass in foreground and blue sky and sun in background: 2018 Herd Scheme values

In May each year, Inland Revenue release their determination of national average market values (NAMVs) of livestock for the prior financial year.

The NAMVs are used by taxpayers who have elected to value livestock using the herd scheme to value their livestock on hand for that income year.

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Our April "hot desking" date at The Orchard

The Orchard's open-plan shared office space, overlaid with Ean Brown Partner's April hot desking date

Desktop monitor with teal background, showing Inland Revenue's logo and 'myIR Secure Online Services' text
Inland Revenue have now completed their system upgrades

Are you finding your way around the new My Business tab?

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UPDATE! PAYE reporting - an overview of the proposed changes

Grid of 6 squares showing people in various professions, with text 'proposed changes to PAYE reporting' overlaid, and a red line through 'proposed'

Further to our blog post from 15 December 2017, Parliament has now passed legislation enabling payday filing. This requires employers and payroll intermediaries to file employment information (similar to an Employer Monthly Schedule) every payday instead of monthly.

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Celebrating our team's achievements!

'Congratulations' in black script, surrounded by multi-coloured confetti

We have some staff achievements to celebrate! We already know we have a fabulous team, but it's always good to be reminded of their amazing individual achievements.

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Inland Revenue scheduled shutdown of selected services

Inland Revenue | Te Tari Taake logo

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR BUSINESSES AND EMPLOYERS! Some of Inland Revenue's services will be unavailable from Thursday 12 April until the morning of Tuesday 17 April.

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Don't forget - minimum wage rates increase 1 April

Hand holding NZ $5 note, with other denominations lying on a tabletop

With 1 April only a few days away, don't forget to check your employees' wage rates ahead of the minimum wage increasing to $16.50.

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A reminder that daylight saving ends this weekend when the clocks are put back one hour at 2am on Sunday morning, 1 April 2018.

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Are you prepared for 31 March? Get your books in shape now

Arm lifting a dumbbell with books as weights

It feels like the 2018 calendar year has only just begun, yet the beginning of the 2019 financial year almost upon us - where have those three months gone?

Depending on your level of preparedness, the approach of 31 March could be a time of high stress or just another date in your business calendar which you take into your stride.

To help you fall into the latter category, we've compiled a short checklist of items within your business which you should review and action now, to help close off your 2018 financial year in tip top shape.

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Cartoon of three hands contributing money to stack of textbooks and graduation cap

Did you know ... Inland Revenue add a $40 administration fee each year to your student loan balance?

The fee is charged on the 1st of April if the outstanding balance is $20 or more on that date.

With 1 April 2018 not too far away, if you are close to paying off your student loan it may be beneficial to make a voluntary payment now to clear the balance, before the administration fee is due to be charged.

Have any questions regarding your student loan? Feel free to contact us - we will be happy to assist.

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