Our team is excited for the holidays ahead! We will be closing our offices for two weeks to give staff much needed time to reset for 2021. Many other businesses are joining us for a break – you might be one of them.

But before you drop your pen – here is a list of ten things you should remember before you close your business for the holiday:

1.Automated Responses

Make sure you set automatic replies in your email programme with a return date and an emergency contact number for the office (if applicable). Do the same for your phone system, so people can leave a message or know when they are able to phone back.

2. Online

Put your closing dates on your website, social media pages and your google my business listing.

3. Invoices

To avoid penalties or delays, send out or pay any outstanding invoices. Communicate clearly with suppliers and clients.

4. Inform suppliers

If you get any regular deliveries, like daily newspapers or weekly flower arrangements, let the suppliers know your closing dates.

5. Signage

If you have clients visit you at your business premises, have signage visible on your doors or shop window with your closing dates.

6. Security

For security reasons, double check all windows, doors and gates are locked.

7. Lunchroom & kitchen

It seems pretty obvious, but this is one thing that gets forgotten all the time. Ask everyone to clear any leftovers and lunch boxes out of the fridge and kitchen, as well as milk and other things with a shelf life.


Rubbish and recycling should be taken care of, so there are no nasty surprises when you return to the office.

9.Turn off and unplug

Staff should turn off their computers on the last day as well as other devices.

10. Plants

Water plants on the last day and/or organise a plant sitter for the holiday period.


Public Holidays for December 2020/January 2021

  • Christmas Day — Friday 25 December
  • Boxing Day — Saturday 26 December or Monday 28 December
  • New Year’s Day — Friday 1 January
  • Day after New Year’s Day — Saturday 2 January or Monday 4 January

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