One of the best defence mechanisms against rumours and panic is transparency. Speak openly with staff and don’t withhold information that you can share with them. In times of crisis, share information and updates as they become available. Answering any questions or listening to concerns is critical. If you don’t know the answer, don’t be afraid to admit this and try to find out as soon as possible and follow up.


The Oxford dictionary defines empathy as the ability to imagine and understand the thoughts, perspective, and emotions of another person. Empathy is one of the most appealing qualities in leadership. An empathetic leader acknowledges people’s feelings and lets them know he cares. A combination of strength and vulnerability makes you approachable and reliable.


Especially in times of great uncertainty, such as the recent pandemic, resilience is key for good leadership. Resilient leaders recover quickly from temporary setbacks. They keep the team focused on a way forward and new opportunities, rather than challenges and losses.

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