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The new ‘Apprenticeship Boost’ scheme is live. This scheme will help employers retain and bring on new apprentices, while dealing with the impact of COVID-19. Apprentices on the Federated Farmer Dairy Apprenticeship will also qualify for this.

To be eligible, apprentices must be:

  • actively training through a transitional Industry Training Organisation (ITO) or a provider
  • training for a New Zealand Apprenticeship or Managed Apprenticeship recognised by the Tertiary Education Commission
  • in their first 24 months of training (this includes any previous apprenticeship enrollment with the same transitional ITO or provider)
  • employed by you, or in a self-employed contracting agreement with you.

Employers of an apprentice are entitled to

  • $1000 per month for apprentices in their first year
  • $500 per month for apprentices in their second year

The maximum period for payments is 20 months from the 5th August 2020.  You must pay your apprentice at least the minimum or training wage. You need to apply for your first month’s payment, then you will need to reapply each month after this to keep getting payments.

Note: If you are already receiving the wage subsidy or other subsidized payments for your apprentice, you cannot get the Apprenticeship Boost.

To apply for this scheme, sign up here.

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