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A COVID-19 Short-Term Absence Payment (short STAP) is now available.

This payment is available to employers for employees and self-employed workers, who need to miss work to stay at home while waiting on COVID-19 test result and are unable to work from home.

The payment can be obtained through Work and Income and is a one-off payment of $350.00. Find out more on how to apply here.

Important to note

Self-employed workers need to include the STAP on their individual tax return – IR3.

Where your employee wouldn’t otherwise have an entitlement to be paid if they are not able to work (eg if a worker has used up their paid sick leave so would be on unpaid leave) you:

  • should try to pay your worker as if they had worked that day, or
  • where this is not possible, you must pay at least the full amount of the Short-Term Absence Payment to the employee while they are waiting for the relevant test.

If your employee’s usual wages are less than or equal to the Short-Term Absence Payment, you must pay the worker their usual wages. Any difference should be used to help pay any other affected staff.

Visit the Employment NZ website for information about employment law.


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