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Family violence affects many people in New Zealand. For example, it is estimated that up to 39% of women experience family violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. The actual figures are estimated to be much higher. Of course, men and children are also affected.

Employees get the right to at least 10 days of paid family violence leave each year. The leave is also available if they are supporting a child who has experienced family violence, as long as they live with them some of the time.

An employer is able to offer more than the minimum 10 days of paid family violence leave and can let the employee take annual leave, unpaid leave or family violence leave in advance when they have used up their paid family violence leave.

An employee becomes entitled to family violence leave after working for the employer for 6 months or longer. They must be paid their ‘relevant daily pay’ or ‘average daily pay’ for each day of family violence leave they take on a day they usually work. The employer can require proof that the employee is affected by family violence before paying them.

Another way an employer can support affected staff is offering short-term flexible working arrangements. This can be requested by the employee also.

This form of leave is completely separate from annual leave, sick leave and bereavement leave.

Learn more about this topic here.

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