A positive team spirit can make a huge difference to your business. Motivated and happy staff have a much higher productivity and engagement rate at work. But how can you nurture a positive team spirit?

Communication plays a big part. Regularly and clearly communicate your business goals and expectations with your employees. Goals should be measurable and achievable. Listen your employee’s concern and feedback. Create opportunities where staff can communicate openly, so they know you are approachable. This will foster constructive exchanges and creative problem solving across different teams and departments.

Never underestimate the power of verbal praise and commendation. While it costs a little time and effort, you are investing in your biggest asset – your team!  This will motivate them and increase their interest in the businesses success. Reward your team for hard work, whether this in the form of monetary rewards, gifts, perks or more responsibility.

Team building exercises or even a social event like a staff dinner can make people feel less isolated and more part of a cohesive team.

Consider how you can make use of different strengths and weaknesses in your team.

Creating and maintaining a healthy and positive office environment can also add to a positive team spirit. Be conscious of privacy, noise, air quality, natural light and areas for downtime. Encourage healthy habits by offering healthy snacks – for example adding a fruit bowl to the lunch room or muesli bars instead of heavily processed snacks.

Last but not least, develop your team constantly. People feel valued when they are able to enhance and develop their skills. Provide a learning environment that promotes growth and a sense of achievement. This will inspire your staff to give 100% and more!

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