How to Give Your Office Desk a Spring Clean

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Here are our top tips  for spring cleaning your office desk!


Start with deluttering your desk. This can even include decluttering your digital desktop. Move everything you don’t use on a daily basis off your desk. You can store items with less use neatly in a drawer. Where possible, digitalize files, like printed slides from seminars or business cards. Clutter is cause for unproductivity and a clear desk makes for a clear mind.

Get rid of items that are broken or donate ones you do not need anymore. To keep your space neat, commit to always putting items back where they belong.  It is a good habit to check your desk space for clutter at the end of each week. Would you be comfortable having a client visit?

Document Management

Digitalize documents you do not need to keep as a hard copy and destroy the hard copies securely. Records of income and expenses must be kept for seven years for business accounts. If you do keep records on a computer, you need to store them in a format that IRD can use. You can find more detailed information about recordkeeping legislation here.

Add something green

Plants hold an incredible link to nature. They are proven to increase productivity and satisfaction. Plants improve air quality and remove harmful pollutants. In short – adding something green to your desk space has a huge benefit! Some low maintenance plants for the office include: aloe, cactus, gerbera daisy or a bamboo palm. If you share your office space, you may want to check if anyone has allergies which get triggered by certain pollen or plants.

Wipe it

Last but not least, be sure to wipe and disinfect all surfaces on your desk. This includes your desk phone, keyboard, mouse and other surfaces you frequently touch. Don’t forget the armrests on your chair and buttons on printers or other devices. Especially during the current pandemic, it is a good idea to keep some hand sanitizer or antibacterial wipes nearby.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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