The last two years have been hard on many businesses. Are you struggling to pay your taxes?  

When immediate payment of your tax arrears in full is not possible, there may be other options available. Splitting up what you owe over weekly or fortnightly payments can make it easier to repay your tax debt. Apply for an instalment arrangement with Inland Revenue through myIR and if we are your tax agent, we can do this in your behalf. Individuals, companies, partnerships and trusts can apply for either an instalment arrangement or financial relief. You can apply for instalment arrangements for tax you already owe or for tax you will owe in the future.  

Don’t leave it for too long! Tax debt can really mount up with interest and penalties, if you ignore it. The sooner you can contact Inland Revenue or your tax agent to get things sorted, the more options you have.  

Please contact our office if you would like to chat about how to manage your tax debt:  

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