How to review pay and employment equity in your business

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The Pay and employment equity review process is a tool to assess whether your organisation’s pay and rewards, and participation in job types and levels are affected by gender.

There are three stages to the process:

  1. Preparation
  2. The review report
  3. Implementation


Find a project manager to assist with the process, and form a review committee with employees and managers. If there is a unionised workforce in place, inform them about the review as well.

  • Survey staff and encourage everyone to participate
  • Analyse payroll and HR data
  • Analyse the staff survey results to discuss with committee

The review report

The review report should be made up of four parts.

  1. Part one: create a gender profile of the organisation and identify important gender issues
  2. Part two: detail important gender differences highlighted above
  3. Part three: plan for moving towards gender equity by addressing the issues identified. Include a plan for implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  4. Part four: describe and evaluate the review process.


Once you have developed the review report, make plans to progress with implementation of pay equity. Regular progress reporting to employees and managers will help with the follow through.

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