Office supplies may seem like a minor expense, but the fact is that every dollar counts if you are aiming to improve your bottom line.

Shop around

Compare prices on your most frequently bought items. Most office supply stores have websites, so you don’t even have to leave the office for this. Don’t forget to factor in shipping cost – some retailers offer free shipping for a minimum amount of money spent. Once you have decided on the right fit, sign up for an account if possible. Some offer loyalty programs for regular customers or monthly payments on account. Consider buying cheaper inhouse brands rather than branded items where possible.

Order in bulk & regularly

If you have some storage space and the necessary cash on hand, ordering in bulk is always best. Make sure you only order itemes that you really need in bulk. Often large orders come at a discount and free shipping. Take note of your stock and order regularly. That will enable you to take advantage of deals, rather than having to buy items because you have run out of stock.

Do more with less

The less you print, the less you have to spend on paper and ink. More and more offices are going paperless as much as possible and are saving considerable amounts on printing costs. Another savings option is to set up an area with items such as staplers, hole punchs etc, if not every single employee needs their own.Reusing folders and other stationery is another hot savings tip! Instead of throwing them out, relabel them.

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