It’s the first week back at the office for our team and we have hit the ground running. 2022 will come with new experiences, challenges and milestones for every person and business. Here are our top three tips how to start 2022 on a positive note and get organized for the months ahead!


Instead of setting one target for the whole year, break it down into smaller targets for quarters or months. This makes it more achievable for you and your team.  Get together with your staff when you are back in the office and inspire a positive spirit. When people have clear goals and tasks in front of them, they are more productive and feel happier at work. Did you know – writing down goals tremendously affects the success rate in achieving them!


Tackle tasks that you just never get around to by scheduling them into your calendar. As small business owner you most likely have a very long to do list. Having the right priorities and delegating jobs to trust worthy staff can lighten your load. Once you schedule something in, stick to it if possible. Of course you don’t want yourself and your team to be dictated by an unrealistic and rigorous schedule. Being flexible and adding in factors such as sickness and pressing matters that may suddenly spring up on you, will make for a realistic schedule.


The pandemic has certainly taught us that things can change in the blink of an eye. Anticipate changes in COVID-19 regulations and monitor the situation in your local town/city closely. Consider how your business or clients may be affected with service and/or travel disruptions. Make sure you are up to date with government regulations affecting your daily operations as a business to avoid any disruptions or issues that could be avoided.


We are here to help you make 2022 a success. If you need a player on your team for business advisory or accounting services, please get in touch with us!


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