During the last few weeks, all of our work environments have changed dramatically.  A large part of the workforce has moved to working remotely from home and while some may already be used to this, a lot of us are experiencing new challenges and difficulties with this arrangement. In this article we will share tips on how to support your team remotely, specifically during the COVID-19 lockdown period.


Be aware of the challenges your team may be facing during this time. Some may find themselves in complete social isolation, while others may be struggling to balance family demands with focusing on work. Some may even have to self-isolate or support sick loved ones. Without prying, be sure to find out how your team’s circumstances differ from their usual work environment and find out how you can support them.


Check in often with your team to see how they are doing, it could be a quick phone call, email, text message or even a video call. Here at Ean Brown Partners, we continue to catch up as a team in a video conference, which allows us to talk about how we are coping during the lockdown, what issues have come up at work and if anyone needs additional support. Why not make it a goal to get in touch with a colleague during a usual morning or afternoon tea break? Utilise technology to a full extent and educate your team on how to do this securely and comfortably.


Uncertainty creates fear in many of us – so it is vital to keep your plans of working remotely up to date. With changing restrictions and in the near future possibly a change in alert levels, make a plan on how work for your team will look like as information from the government becomes available and communicate this to the team.


Encourage healthy habits – even working from home. Regular breaks from the screen still need to be taken, fresh air and a stretch go a long way. Be available to talk to your team about any concerns they might have or questions that come up. Foster a positive team spirit by commending them for their work ethic in these unusual times!