Many of us get distracted and tired in the weeks leading up to the festive season. The common spirit is more about winding down at the end of the year, even though a bunch of things still have to get organised before a well-deserved break.

How can you keep your staff motivated in the lead up to the Christmas holidays? Here are four tips that may help.

Set clear expectations & targets

Many businesses have monthly or quarterly targets to achieve. If that is the case with your team, make sure you discuss these. Having goals visible on a whiteboard in the office or sending email updates on achievements, will help staff to stay focused. Celebrate the wins!

Be flexible with working & lunch hours

Flexible working arrangements can provide a great solution, enabling staff to complete their work commitments while also factoring in their personal obligations. Leaving early, starting late or having longer lunch breaks can help employees manage their festive arrangements, get their gift shopping done and spend extra time with their family and friends. This means that they are more focused and productive when they are at work.

Offer incentives & rewards

Incentives and rewards are a great way to improve employee motivation and combat stress in the workforce over the holidays, helping to keep morale and productivity high. Research found the majority of workers would be motivated to work harder if they received an individual cash bonus or gift card from their employer.

Organise a staff dinner/lunch

A dinner or lunch at the end of the year can be a nice way to let people unwind, bond, and make them feel valued. We recommend doing this earlier in December or mid-late November before the big Christmas rush.

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