In July 2020 the Equal Pay Amendment Act (EBPAA) passed through Parliament. The act introduces new requirements for how pay equity claims are processed.  It allows workers to make a pay equity claim using a process aligned with New Zealand’s existing bargaining framework.  Under the Act, employers, workers and unions negotiate in good faith, with access to mediation and dispute resolution services available if they are unable to agree. Court action will be considered only as a last resort option. The new bill applies to workforces that are ‘’approximately 60%” women.

Difference between pay equity and equal pay

Pay equity is about women and men receiving the same pay for doing jobs that are different, but of equal value. Equal pay is about men and women getting the same pay for doing the same job. The process for making equal pay claims is largely unaffected by the new Act.

If you would like to learn more about the process in detail, please refer to this Fact Sheet.

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