The Productive and Sustainable Land Use (PSLU) package promotes farm land-use practices that deliver more value and improved environmental outcomes.

This will help New Zealand to transition to a more sustainable, low emissions future.

PSLU helps ensure:

  • Farmers and other land users can meet environmental standards and remain prosperous
  • Every farmer has a way to achieve these goals, including changing land use if necessary
  • Any impact of changing land use on land users, their families, and communities is managed in a just and sustainable way

There are six parts to the package:

  1. Extension Services

Providing on-the-ground support to 2,200 farmers over four years to improve their environmental and economic sustainability and


  1. Primary Industry Advisors

Support the development of a training and qualification framework for professional farm advisors so that farmers and growers can access the

advice they can trust and which meets their needs.

  1. Māori Agribusiness

Support Māori landowners and agri-businesses to realise greater value from their land in a way that works for them.

  1. Monitoring and Benchmarking

Improving on-farm emissions data and monitoring, and increasing the number of primary sectors covered.

  1. Overseer

Improve the accuracy of Overseer and the range of farm systems it can model, so that it can be used more effectively.

  1. Market Access and Export Systems

Protecting high value food exports, and updating New Zealand’s official assurance systems.



If you would like to find out more information, you can either visit MPI’s website or contact our office.

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