Have you ever considered working in a co-working space?

Note below are some advantages of using a co-working space.


Small businesses and entrepreneurs need flexibility to succeed. In a co-working space you may be able to start with just a desk space. As your needs progress, you may need to hire multiple desks or smaller private offices. It is a great solution for people who do not need to spend all day at their desk – for example real estate agents or people in a creative field like photographers. You will not be locked in an expensive and rigid office lease, but space requirements can be adapted according to your evolving requirements.

Keeping expenses low

A great co-working space is kitted out with everything you need. No need to worry about hiring or purchasing printers, office furniture, consumables or organizing cleaners and internet access.  A lot of spaces make a kitchenette and coffee and tea making facilities available as part of their plan. Contracts are usually on a month to month basis, but depend on the individual space. Especially with the ever changing situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic a co-working space comes at a lower financial risk than renting office space.


Ideally you want to be in a location that is close to your clients, partners and team. Co-working spaces are often situated in central locations. A lot of startups cannot afford the rent in such locations, but a co working space allows you to work right where you need to be at a much better rate. People are all about convenience, the more accessible your office space is, the more likely your business will thrive.


Many co-working spaces promote creativity and networking. For example, a big focus for Kindred Co-Working is nurturing relationships and recognizing the importance that collaboration and the inspiration that co-working brings. This is fostered naturally through the co-working environment, as well as various events and get together throughout the year.

Being around like minded people and discussing challenges can make a real difference to your day to day business. There are really only benefits to this!

Here are some examples of co working spaces in the North:

Mangawhai – Kindred Co-Working

Whangarei – The Apartment Studio

Whangarei – The Orchard

Dargaville – Seed Co-Working Space

Kerikeri –Biz Space

Kaitaia – Kaitaia Digital Hub


Why not consider if a co-working space may be the right fit for you?

If you are just starting out in business, we are more than happy to brainstorm ideas with you, drop us a line!

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