Update: Companies Office fees and levies are changing

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Annual return and company registration fees paid after 1 September 2020 will include an insolvency practitioner regulatory regime levy. This means the company annual return fee will increase by $1.00+GST.

The fees will cover the cost of the Registrar of Companies taking on new responsibilities including setting up and managing an online register of insolvency practitioners.

Insolvency practitioners will pay:

  • a licence fee of $165.00 + GST when a licence is issued an
  • annual confirmation fee of $105.00 + GST

Both fees will be payable to the insolvency practitioner’s accredited body, which will pass the fees on to the Registrar.

All registered companies will pay a levy to support the insolvency practitioner regulatory system:

  • Insolvency practitioner regulatory system levy is $1.00 + GST per company, per year
  • $1 .00 + GST will also be collected alongside fees for the registration of new companies

The insolvency practitioner regulation scheme will be reviewed in 2 years. Any changes to fees or levies will be implemented at the beginning of 2022/2023.

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