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From 1 November 2021 new income limits will come into place to make more people who are struggling to meet essential living cost eligible for financial assistance.

For example:

  • a single person, 18 years or older, working up to 40 hours a week on the minimum wage, and earning up to $800 a week (before tax) may be eligible for assistance.
  • a sole parent with one child, the weekly income threshold (before tax) will increase to $1,100 a week.
  • a couple’s income threshold will increase to $1,600 a week.

You can check on Work and Income’s website from 1 November what assistance you can get.

The new income level limits will be in place until 28th February 2022.

If you need any help going through the information, please contact our office on 09 470 1840 or .

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