Why you need to keep personal and business expenses separate

Keeping personal and business expenses separate will simplify things in the long run. It may sound like a big hassle, but it will be easier to manage taxes and you will have a better idea of your personal and business expenses.

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News: The Farm Debt Mediation Scheme has started

The Farm Debt Mediation Act 2019 came fully into force on 1 July 2020. The Farm Debt Mediation Scheme helps farmers and other primary producers struggling with debt and financial stress.

The scheme uses neutral and independent mediators to help farmers and their creditors work through debt issues. The aim is to provide a structured, confidential and impartial negotiation process. This is going to help farmers and creditors agree on how to proceed.

Under this act, secured creditors must offer mediation before taking any debt enforcement action and mediation is available to farmers at any time.

Helping farmers manage financial stress will promote positive mental health and resilience in our rural communities.

You can find the complete act here.

Provincial Growth Fund - Fencing of Waterways

Up to $100 million has been allocated from the Provincial Growth Fund to provide significant levels of funding (80-100%) for fencing of waterways and associated works such as culverts, causeways, riparian planting and stock water reticulation. Please note this excludes erosion control.

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UPDATE: ACC Delays Invoicing until October