Q&A - Providing accommodation for workers: getting it right

Letterbox with circular: providing accommodation to workers - how to do it right

Question: Can I pay a worker with accommodation?

Answer: No, work which has been carried out must be paid for in currency. However you are able to provide accommodation for your worker and deduct the cost from their wages. This can only be done with the consent of the worker in the form of a written tenancy or accommodation agreement. The agreement should be separate, or able to be separated, from the employment agreement.

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Employment changes coming in 2019 - a broad overview

Happy cafe worker - employment changes coming into effect early 2019

There were a few bills passed by the Government in 2018 relating to employment legislation, as well as Inland Revenue changes regarding the filing of employment information.

Here is a broad overview of what will be coming into effect (and when) this year:

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BREAKING NEWS! Minimum wage set to increase 1 April 2019

New Zealand coins and bank notes

The Government announced it will raise the minimum wage by $1.20 from 1 April 2019. It will be the largest increase since 1985.

This will increase the adult minimum rate from the current $16.50 to $17.70.

The starting-out and training rate will remain at 80% of the adult rate, rising to $14.16 from the current $13.20.

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Christmas baubles in sea foam: how to treat various NZ public holiday scenarios this festive season

Yes, another year is coming to close and you know what that means ... Christmas and New Year public holidays!

Fortunately there is no Mondayisation to contend with over the 2018/2019 festive season as the public holidays all fall on weekdays - good news for payroll managers!

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Cashmanager RURAL wagebook will not update for payday filing

Keyboard with 'updates' key - Cashmanager RURAL will not update wagebook for payday filing

Our recent blog post on payday filing triggered some of our clients to contact us and enquire how the change will be handled in Cashmanager RURAL's wagebook.

CRS Software Ltd have confirmed in a news article on their website they will not be updating their wagebook for payday filing. 

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Payday filing - are you ready for April 2019?

It's time to shift to payday filing

Payday filing has been available to employers since April 2018, and from 1 April 2019 it will become mandatory.

Inland Revenue have been writing to employers to remind them to start preparing for the shift to payday filing.

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Miniature farmer & tractor: can our farm manager go away on holiday for two weeks?!

Question: Our farm manager wants to go on holiday for two weeks and take his son, who also works for us. The manager started with us 16 months ago; the son started nine months ago and says he has 11 days annual leave accrued.

We can't do without our farm manager for two whole weeks! And with his son going as well, that leaves us with no-one to milk the cows. Are they allowed to go on leave together? Can we tell him he can take one week's holiday at a time?

Answer: Once your farm manager reached his one year anniversary of employment with you he became entitled to four weeks of annual leave, and you must allow him to take at least two weeks of that as uninterrupted holidays.

As his son has not been employed by you for a full year he is not entitled to paid leave at this stage.

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Schedule PAYE tax payments early to avoid hefty penalties

Coffee and alarm clock: how scheduling PAYE payments can help avoid penalites

If you file your PAYE returns on time but forget to pay the full amount of PAYE by the due date, Inland Revenue may charge a non-payment penalty as well as late payment penalties and interest.

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UPDATE! PAYE reporting - an overview of the proposed changes

Grid of 6 squares showing people in various professions, with text 'proposed changes to PAYE reporting' overlaid, and a red line through 'proposed'

Further to our blog post from 15 December 2017, Parliament has now passed legislation enabling payday filing. This requires employers and payroll intermediaries to file employment information (similar to an Employer Monthly Schedule) every payday instead of monthly.

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Don't forget - minimum wage rates increase 1 April

Hand holding NZ $5 note, with other denominations lying on a tabletop

With 1 April only a few days away, don't forget to check your employees' wage rates ahead of the minimum wage increasing to $16.50.

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A reminder that daylight saving ends this weekend when the clocks are put back one hour at 2am on Sunday morning, 1 April 2018.

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Employment law changes 2018 - what to expect

Groups of people reflecting on shiny floor and silhouetted against sunset


Employment law's ever-changing landscape is seeing another raft of new and upcoming changes.

If you are an employer or an employee, you could potentially be affected by some or all of these. Here is a quick run-down on what to expect:

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PAYE reporting - an overview of the proposed changes

Grid of 6 squares showing people in various professions, with text 'proposed changes to PAYE reporting' overlaid

If you are an employer you will be aware of the ever-evolving rules for compliance to meet the requirements of Inland Revenue and other government bodies. You'll also know this often involves a lot of administrative work on the part of the business owner in order to meet these obligations.

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'Tis the season for public holidays

Sunny beach scene with sandcastle snowman wearing santa hat and sunglasses

This year the public holidays fall on the following days:

Calendar showing from 24 Dec 2017 to 6 Jan 2018, with Christmas/ New Year public holidays circled in red

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Young man in plaid shirt sitting outside with laptop and cup of coffee

With the first public holiday since the beginning of June approaching (Labour Day, which will be observed next Monday, 23 October 2017) we briefly remind employers of workers' entitlements on NZ public holidays:

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