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We know small business owners are juggling a lot! Digital marketing often falls behind despite the best of intentions. After all, coming up with fresh and engaging content takes time you are probably short of already!

We are excited to offer all our new and existing accounting clients baseline digital marketing services at affordable pricing (terms and conditions apply).

The baseline package includes all services listed below, but can be tailored to your individual needs.

Pricing starts at $260.00/per month. If you commit to 3 months the price goes down to $250.00/per month, 6 months $240.00/per month excl and 12 months $230.00/per month. All prices exclude GST.


Initial free 60 minute meeting  to discuss your target market, goals and develop a plan for your digital strategty.


One monthly well written and researched blog article (up to 400 words) with information that is relevant to your audience and will boost website traffic.


You will receive a monthly planner with one curated social media post(stock image and caption) per weekThe posts are designed to be used across multiple social media platforms.


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