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GST returns resulting in consistent refunds are under review

GST return refunds are under review. Specifically, Inland Revenue are reviewing GST-registered customers who have consistently filed GST returns resulting in refunds. They are intending to locate taxpayers that aren’t carrying on a taxable activity for profit, or those with errors in their returns.

Do you consistently receive GST refunds?

If you’ve received GST refunds consistently you may receive a letter from Inland Revenue. Please pay attention to this letter as it may require action from you to explain your taxable activity, correct any errors, or cancel your GST registration if required.
We expect exporters, who naturally receive GST refunds, will be excluded but Inland Revenue hasn’t confirmed this.

Get in contact if you receive a review letter

Please get in contact if you receive a letter from Inland Revenue, or if you have any other questions.

Inland Revenue’s full news item:

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