What are ‘’keeping in touch days’’ (parental leave)?

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While on parental leave you can choose (if your employer agrees) to perform work from time to time, for example, to attend a team day as long as:

  • you only do a total of 64 hours or less of paid work for your employer during your parental leave payment period, and
  • this work is not within the first 28 days after your child was born.

If you work over 64 hours or within the first 28 days after your child was born, then you are considered to be back at work. You would then no longer be eligible for further parental leave payments and may have to pay back any overpayments.

There is also a provision for extra keeping in touch days for primary carers of preterm babies. If you are a primary carer getting a preterm baby payment, you are entitled to additional keeping in touch days during the preterm baby payment period. This entitlement is for up to 3 hours multiplied by the number of weeks that you receive the payment.

If you want to find out more about parental leave entitlements, please refer to the information here or contact our office.

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