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Working for Families Tax Credits are payments for families with dependent children aged 18 and under. The payments are to help you raise your family. Entitlements are based on your yearly family income and family circumstances. You can find a chart of what you may receive based on your income here. Please note the chart is updated annually.

To get Working for Families, you will need to:

  • Have a dependent child or children in your care under the age of 18 or between 18 and 19 and still at school or in tertiary study?
  • Be the principal caregiver
  • Be aged 16 or older
  • Meet the residency requirements

There are four different types of working for families tax credits:


Family tax credit

Paid regardless of your income source. You can be on salary and wages or receiving an income-tested benefit.

In-work tax credit

This is a payment available for families who have some income from paid work each week.

Minimum family tax credit

A payment to make sure families are getting basic income where the parents or parents work a required number of hours for salary and wages.

Best Start tax credit

A weekly payment for families supporting a newborn baby.


Inland Revenue have a handy families calculator on their website to work out which tax credits you may qualify for and an estimate of how much you may receive.

If you need help with working out your eligibility and entitlements, please contact our office.


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