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With 1 April only a few days away, don't forget to check your employees' wage rates ahead of the minimum wage increasing to $16.50.

Any employees currently earning less than $16.50 p/h will need their rate raised for hours worked from 1 April 2018.

The starting-out and training minimum wage rates remain at 80% of the adult minimum wage, so these are going up from $12.60 to $13.20 an hour.

This becomes the fifth increase to the minimum wage since April 2014 and, at .75 cents, becomes the first increase to be higher than the previous .50 cent raises.

If you have any questions regarding this, or any other employment and wage matter, please contact Vicki Cozens, our Employment, Payroll and HR specialist.

Vicki Cozens, Chartered Accountant at Ean Brown Partners Ltd

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