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Desktop, laptop, tablet - how using technology and digital tools can help businesses of every size improve productivity
"How small businesses can use tech to be more productive" -

Are you leveraging technology to work smarter, not harder?

MBIE published an article recently on the benefits of using technology to boost business productivity - and they're emphasising it's not just limited to big corporations.  Even small businesses can improve efficiency with digital tools such as cloud-based storage, online document products, add-ons, plug-ins, AI, and more. 

This month we have two of our Chartered Accountants hot desking at The Orchard: Vicki, employment and payroll specialist; and Flynn, who is our resident IT guru and self-confessed technophile.

If you want to explore how digital tools can help you streamline your workload, have a casual chat with Flynn this Thursday morning to discuss your options. It isn't nearly as complicated, expensive or hard to implement as you might think!

And if you have any difficult employment questions or payroll issues, you can kill two birds with one stone and catch up with Vicki as well - this is your chance to pick her brain for free!

Make sure to diary this event so you don't miss out!

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Can't make it on Thursday? No problem! You can also e-mail Vicki or e-mail Flynn

        Vicki Cozens, Chartered Accountant at Ean Brown Partners Ltd

Vicki Cozens

Chartered Accountant

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       Flynn O'Meara, Chartered Accountant at Ean Brown Partners Ltd

Flynn O'Meara

Chartered Accountant

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