ACC logo with arrow cursor icon overlaid: MyACC for Business - why you should check your ACC levy invoices

ACC has recently replaced ACC Online with MyACC for Business, with the aim of providing new and improved online services to their business customers.

Like the introduction of any new computer system there are the usual glitches and stumbling blocks, and ACC are occasionally relaying incorrect information to customers who contact their call centres.

Payment plans

If you had a payment plan in place during the prior year, ACC will add any new adjustments relating to that year onto the same payment plan.

As ACC already have your bank account details on file, the new direct debit amounts for the updated payment plan will then automatically deduct from your bank account with no additional authorisation required from you.

We advise to review your ACC levy invoices carefully, including checking the payment plan schedule shown on the invoice as payments may not be evenly distributed.

For instance, the ACC Workplace cover final levy for 2017 may be evenly split across the instalments of the payment plan, however the full amount of the provisional levy for 2018 may be scheduled for deduction from your bank account one month after the date of the invoice.

If you think your invoice is incorrect or needs amending, please contact our office or ACC direct to have this changed.

Multiple payment plan letters being generated

The ACC computer system has also been issuing letters for the same invoice on the same date but with different payment plan details. We have found on occasions when contacting ACC the amounts being quoted were different again.

If you receive correspondence from ACC with conflicting information, or a letter advising your payment was incorrect, we suggest you contact ACC to discuss, or alternatively you can contact our office and we can liaise with ACC on your behalf.

ACC CoverPlus Extra

On another note, if you are on ACC CoverPlus Extra we strongly advise you either arrange a payment plan or make payment by the due date shown on your invoice.

If payment is not received by ACC and no payment plan is in place by this date, ACC will automatically cancel your Coverplus Extra policy and you will revert to ACC CoverPlus.

A new application for CoverPlus Extra will then have to be submitted and approved before the agreed cover is in place.

If you are affected ...

If we act as your ACC agent we will carefully check the details of your ACC levy invoices when we receive them, then contact you if there are any anomalies and, if applicable, contact ACC on your behalf to arrange any changes required.

If you receive your invoices direct from ACC and would like assistance with any ACC-related issues, please contact Andrea Allen, our ACC specialist.

       Andrea Allen, Chartered Accountant at Ean Brown Partners Ltd

Andrea Allen

Chartered Accountant