Annual bookkeeping paperwork: how to obtain your annual RWT certificates

Question: My accountant is asking me for my RWT certificates for the last financial year, but my bank hasn't issued me any. How can I obtain these?

Answer: If you use online banking, your annual tax statements may have been made available to you via your online banking login.

Banks and other financial institutions usually send out annual statements (IR15) showing your gross interest details, as well as the amount of Resident Withholding Tax deducted.

For active users of online banking, banks may use the online service to upload tax certificates to users' account profiles instead of posting them out. The bank will then send a notification advising the certificate is available for viewing, saving and/or printing.

If you have not received your tax statements by standard mail as you were expecting, check your online banking portal in the first instance or contact your bank to request copies.

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