Keyboard with 'updates' key - Cashmanager RURAL will not update wagebook for payday filing

Our recent blog post on payday filing triggered some of our clients to contact us and enquire how the change will be handled in Cashmanager RURAL's wagebook.

CRS Software Ltd have confirmed in a news article on their website they will not be updating their wagebook for payday filing. 

According to the article "as legislative requirements become increasingly complex we believe the simple wagebook in Cashmanager RURAL may not meet your employer obligations in the future. For this reason, we don't intend to move into the payroll space".

Instead they will look to partnering with payroll providers who specialise in employer compliance as third party wage systems. To minimise double-handling of data, wage-related transactions are then able to be imported from the payroll system into Cashmanager RURAL, or in the case of Cash Manager Focus, a direct feed means wage information will arrive automatically.

CRM Software Ltd advise cloud payroll providers, such as PaySauce, are easy-to-use, time-saving and cost-effective platforms for the preparation of pay runs.

Click here to read the full article "Changes to Payday Reporting and Filing" on CRM Software's website.

If you have questions about payday filing specifically pertaining to Cashmanager RURAL software, we recommend you contact CRM Software Ltd direct on 0800 888 080.

For all other questions please contact Vicki Cozens, our employment, HR and payroll specialist, for help and advice.

       Vicki Cozens, Chartered Accountant at Ean Brown Partners Ltd

Vicki Cozens

Chartered Accountant

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