The end of the 2016/2017 financial year is almost upon us!  

Need some last minute business questions answered before 31 March?

Then head over to The Orchard (Level 1, 85 Cameron Street) and catch up for a coffee and a chat with Jessie.

As The Orchard are holding their free Co-working Day on 30 March, Jessie will be Hot Desking on a Thursday this month instead of the usual Friday - so if that is the reason why you've not had the chance to meet her before now, here is your chance!

And remember: NO appointments needed; 100% FREE advice


Jessie Alison  |  Accountant  

As an added bonus, The Orchard will also be presenting another popular "Lunch Box Session" the same day.  These 'bite-sized learning' opportunities are only 30 minutes long and take place during a midday timeslot, allowing people to catch the presentations during their lunch break. These sessions are absolutely free, offer a wide range of topics presented by knowledgeable speakers, and are great opportunities for owners of SME's and start-ups, and other like-minded entrepreneurs, to meet, learn and grow together.

Take your lunch, make yourself a cuppa and sit back and enjoy!

For more information about Lunch Box Sessions, e-mail Kayla Tattley at The Orchard.

Details of Lunch Box Session #5 on Thursday 30 March:

Topic: ACC levies and 'personal risk' insurances - are you paying too much and possibly getting nothing in return?

Presenter: Nicki Spence (Spence Assets Limited) - Registered Financial Adviser / Insurance Broker

Scope of learning: In this session you'll learn the key differences between Workplace Cover (aka Cover Plus) and Cover Plus Extra, which one is right for you, and how you may be able to save thousands of dollars a year on your levies. We'll also briefly touch on how to run a health check on your Life (etc) insurances.