Ean Brown Partners Ltd celebrates its

one year anniversary

1 May 2016 marked the day Ean Brown Partners Ltd branched off from the former Gilmore Brown Ltd, an iconic and respected accounting, taxation and advisory firm which represented Northland for well over 15 years.

So although Ean Brown Partners Ltd may only be 1 year old today, we are by no means a fledgling to the industry - in fact we are very well-versed with the Northland district and its many and varied businesses.

We want to take this opportunity now to sincerely thank all our clients, supporters and followers for the trust and loyalty they have invested in us - we are pleased you are along with us on this journey.

We are also tremendously proud of our team and their extraordinary efforts over the past 12 months - their hard work, dedication and innovative spirit has steered a course to success for our clients and our firm.

What can you expect from us during the next 12 months? As always we will continue to ...

  • regularly write interesting and informative blog articles on a range of topics
  • produce quarterly newsletters to keep you up-to-date with the latest developments
  • improve and refine the services we offer, as well as the delivery of those services
  • provide top-notch service with a smile

Here's to the coming year ... CHEERS!