Want to LEAF your old day job behind?

Want to BRANCH out and experience new things?

Have you heard about The PICK 2017? It's a BUSINESS IDEAS CHALLENGE for Northlanders, hosted by The ORCHARD (that business and event hub we always harp on about). There are heaps of AWESOME PRIZES to be won and a bunch of AWESOME PEOPLE standing by to help CULTIVATE your idea from SEED to HARVEST. We are proud supporters of The Orchard and excited to be part of another great business initiative for Northland.

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We've been providing FREE accounting advice at The Orchard business and event hub since it was formed last year. We wanted a positive forum in which to provide hands-on support to Northland businesses, and as The Orchard revolves around all things business we just had to get involved - we see it as our way of giving back to the local community and share some of our wisdom.

We didn't know what to expect when we first started "hot desking" at The Orchard, and we certainly didn't anticipate the space to become the hive of activity as it is now - less than a year after opening. This innovative shared collaborative space is bustling with people and bursting at the seams with ideas.  It's awesome to see so many businesses and people from all walks of life coming through the doors.

"The great thing about The Orchard are all the passionate mentors available to help you - these guys really know their stuff and really care about supporting businesses" - Jessie Alison

So naturally, when we were approached by The Orchard to become a sponsor of their new business ideas competition, The Pick 2017, we couldn't wait to jump on board!

We think Northland is an amazing place to live, work and play. This competition is designed to bring more of those things to our great region, and we are so pleased we can offer support where it is needed. When first starting a business, or realising a great new idea, the hardest part is getting it off the ground. Here is an opportunity to get all the support you could ever dream of to get you started. You'll be surrounded by experienced business people who know all the steps you need to take, and can guide and nurture you all along the way. Don't miss out - sign up today!

Keep an eye on our blog and Facebook page for more about The Pick 2017.