The Orchard's open-plan shared office space, overlaid with November's hot desking date

"Put away that wallet mate, your money's no good here" ...

Man's hands holding wallet and pulling out notes of New Zealand money

... is something you normally don't hear an accountant say.

However if FREE advice sounds good to you (and it should), you definitely need to head to The Orchard on Monday afternoon to catch up with our delightful Jessie for some friendly, unbiased tax advice.

So go on, tuck your wallet back in your pocket and save the date to your calendar. We've even made it super easy to add a reminder to your favourite e-cal!

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Can't make it on Monday? No problem! You can also e-mail Jessie

       Jessie Alison, Chartered Accountant at Ean Brown Partners Ltd

Jessie Alison

Chartered Accountant

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